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Alex and Olive Ainslie. Marital Status. June 26, , married Peter Fleming. March married Walter Liefeld. David, Beverly and Holly. Attended the University of Washington. Chronology of Her Life. Fall Olive Ainslie and Peter Fleming began dating seriously. They had known each other since childhood and attended the same church in Seattle, Washington. Late-August Peter told Olive that they should stop seeing each other because he had received a call to go to Ecuador as a missionary and would need to remain single in that work for the indefinite future.

However, they continued to spend some time together as friends and to correspond after Peter left for Ecuador and renewing their commitment to each other. February 4, Wilfred Tidmarsh. In August , Peter and Jim reopened the missionary station at Shandia working among the Quichua people and making plans for contacting unreached people.

April 5, She first worked among the Colorado people in Ecuador.

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She and Jim Elliot were engaged and she began corresponding with Olive before she left the United States. Worked as a secretary for the Navy Department in Seattle, Washington. December 10, After orientation, they moved to Shandia Station. March 4, Peter Fleming proposed to Olive from Ecuador via letter and she accepted.

Brazilian Adventure

October 8, June Olive married Peter Fleming in Seattle, Washington. Summer The McCullys moved to Arajuno mission station. November The Flemings arrived in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and flew on to Quito, where they stayed for a year, assisting veteran missionary Wilfred Tidmarsh and in language study and visiting Shandia, Shell Mera a Mission Aviation Fellowship airstrip and base and other mission stations in the jungle.

December 24, Olive suffered a miscarriage in Quito. February Rachel Saint, sister of Nate Saint and a worker with Wycliffe Bible Translators, met Dayuma, a Waorani woman who had fled her village in the late s and lived in a state of virtual slavery on a hacienda on the edge of the rainforest She was the only Wao speaker Saint could find to help her with language study.

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She began working with Dayuma. September The Flemings moved permanently to their own mission station at Puyupungu. They had been there on temporary visits previously. September 19, October 6, The missionaries and the Waorani exchanged gifts in this way during several flights over the next three months.

December 19, Nate Saint recruited Roger Youderian to be part of the group making personal contact with the Waorani. December , The Flemings, the Elliots, the Saints, and the McCullys met in Arajuno to spend Christmas together and plan the next stage of Operation Auca, actual physical contact with the Waorani on the ground.

January 2, January 3, The men and supplies traveled to Palm Bach in several flights. Olive saw Peter for the last time. The men were in radio contact with Shell Mera.

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Nate flew back and forth every day to carry messages from the men and to transport additional supplies. January 6, January 7, Peter and Nat flew back to Arajuno and stay overnight, flying back to Palm Beach the next morning. They arranged the next radio contact for pm on January 8 th. January 8, January 9, January , They found four of the dead bodies including Peter and the wreckage of the camp.

The Unexpected Light

They buried the bodies, salvaged some papers and other materials and returned. January 30, The article includes several photos taken by Life photographer Cornell Capa. This article was part of a major tidal wave of publicity in both the secular and Christian press in Ecuador and the United States, and to a lesser extent in other countries.

The widows of the five men killed for a least the next two years were besieged by people wanting to express sympathy, ask questions, and make requests, as well as plan books and movies. Throughout the next few years, they stayed in touch through correspondence, both in relation to the details of their individual lives and in respect to the continuing story of Christianity among the Waorani.

Marilou McCully returned with her children to the United States at about this time. February 16, Late-February Olive returned to Seattle to be with her family. Because of the great interest in the deaths if the five missionaries, she had several speaking engagements and was also involved with the widows of the other four men in advising on the book and film that was being made and other related activities. December Olive and Marilou McCully returned to Ecuador.

Olive wrapped up her concerns there and returned to the United States early the next year. Elisabeth Elliot, with assistance from the other four widows, published Through Gates of Splendor. The book told the story of the efforts of five missionaries to reach the Waorani Indians with the Christian gospel and their deaths.

Two Waorani Indian women, Nintoca and Mintamo, came out pf the forest. Rachel Saint, Elisabeth Elliot, and Dayuma all eventually met with them. They invited Dayuma to return to her village, and Saint and Elliot saw this as a means of reestablishing contact with the Waorani. Dayuma returned to her Waorani village with Nintoca and Mintamo, and later they come back to Arajuno, Ecuador, with ten others. They reported the Waorani are friendly and invited Rachel Saint and Betty Elliot to come and live with them.

Oct0ber January Scope and Content. Arrangement: Paper records were refoldered by the archivist, who also labeled folders and put them in alphabetical order. Date Range: Boxes: Geographic coverage: Ecuador, United States. Type of documents: Correspondence, transcripts, reports, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs. Notes: The materials in this collection consist of documents that Olive Fleming after Olive Liefeld preserved. A great deal of the material in the collection relates to the life, death, and faith of Peter Fleming.

Additional reminiscences are in folder In a February 10, , letter Ken Fleming wrote to Abraham Van Der Puy remembering his brother, apparently to help Van Der Puy with the book he was supposed to write about the life and deaths of the five missionaries. Overview "Beyond the completion of a 3,mile journey, mostly under amusing conditions, through a little-known part of the world, and the discovery of one new tributary to a tributary to a tributary of the Amazon, nothing of importance was achieved.

In , Peter Fleming, a literary editor, traded his pen for a pistol and took off as part of the celebrated search for missing English explorer Colonel P. With meager supplies, faulty maps, and packs of rival newspapermen on their trail, Fleming and his companions marched, canoed, and hacked through 3, miles of wilderness and alligator-ridden rivers in search of the fate of the lost explorer.

One of the great adventure stories, Brazilian Adventure is as fresh a story today as it was when originally published in He died in a hunting accident in Scotland. Signing On II. No Nonsense IV. Outlook Unsettled V. Getaway VI. Rolling Down VII. Rio VIII.

Getting Warmer IX. Snakes and a Revolution X. False Start XI. Frontier Interlude XII. Assorted Encounters XIV.

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Delays and Doubts XV. Araguaya XVII. Indians and Otters XIX.

Women of Faith

The Last of the Dragons XX. At the Cross-Roads II. Lost Leader III. Another Tribe IV. Signs and Portents V. I will be using this book in my preaching and teaching and giving Peter none of the credit! This book is a gold mine. Country of Publication: AU Dimensions cm : Help Centre. Track My Order. My Wishlist Sign In Join. Write a review. Add to Wishlist. Ships in 15 business days. Link Either by signing into your account or linking your membership details before your order is placed. Description Customer Reviews 1 Product Details Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book!

Industry Reviews The Unexpected Light is a book I have wanted to read for such a long time: scientifically intello8igent, biblically literate, passionate about faith, meticulously researched from science, philosophy, history, literature, music, film, musical theatre and poetry, and yet all of it accessible. More Books in Religion See All.