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Henry Kuttner. The Cave. Trudy V Myers. The Music of Erich Zann. The Strange High House in the Mist. An Experiment in Misery. Stephen Crane. The Hound. Santil's Doom. Steven Durst. So if I use Gauntlet of Command ready and fight with a friendly creature and my opponent doesn't have any creatures on the board, then I can ready a creature and - having failed to fight with it - I can subsequently reap with it or do something else?

I'm sorry, but that really feels like it doesn't make any sense. Okay, I get how you can get technical about this and reason that your creature is ready now and can do other stuff. But to me it seems super logical that the wording of the card just means to say that you can also fight with a creature that is exhausted.

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Disconnecting the readying from the fighting just seems absurd. I get the discussion, but personally I would be quite annoyed if my opponent used Gauntlet of Command to reap with a creature. It would feel like an unfair play, even if you can defend it by getting technical about it. Mat Thomsen. Does the FAQ says that if a creature is stunned and from a different house than has been selected for the turn, and the opponent has no creatures so no valid targets to fight , a "ready and fight" ability can be used to unstun a stunned creature?

Max Maloney. We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason. Now, if there is no target I cannot fight. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Creature Leader Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

Those "spaceships" are carapaces, molted onto a long-vanished ocean floor by a species new to science. This field season they've been spilling out of the rocks here, where Caron's team has spent the past few years unearthing groundbreaking animal fossils from the Cambrian period, the coming-out party for animal life on Earth. During the Cambrian, which began about million years ago, nearly all modern animal groups—as diverse as mollusks and chordates—leapt into the fossil record.

Those early marine animals exhibited a dazzling array of body plans, as though evolution needed to indulge a creative streak before buckling down. For more than a century, scientists have struggled to make heads or tails—sometimes literally—of those specimens, figure out how they relate to life today, and understand what fueled the evolutionary explosion.

Gingerly, Aria and Caron place the top piece of their slab aside. Space is hard to come by in the quarry, perched on a ledge the size of a small bedroom at an altitude of meters, far above Tokumm Creek. For years, an equally forbidding site about 40 kilometers northwest of this valley offered the clearest window on the Cambrian.

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There, in , U. But in recent years, Caron has shown that the richest fossil-bearing rock extends many kilometers beyond Walcott's site. This summer's excavation marks his latest visit to this long Cambrian tapestry. Each new stop has offered striking views of unfamiliar animals, many already described in high-profile papers: the little fish relative Metaspriggina , a vertebrate ancestor that Caron now speculates clustered in schools; the pincered Tokummia ; and the ice cream cone—shaped fossils called hyoliths, which Caron's Ph.

Other sites around the world are also opening new vistas of the Cambrian.

Scientists can now explore the animal explosion with a highlight reel of specimens, along with results from new imaging technologies and genetic and developmental studies of living organisms. Researchers may be closer than ever to fitting these strange creatures into their proper places in the tree of life—and understanding the "explosion" that birthed them. Jean-Bernard Caron shows off the "mothership," an enigmatic Cambrian life form his team found in the Canadian Rockies this summer. Each new find brings the simple joy of unearthing and imagining a seemingly alien creature.

On a break, Caron cautiously shows off this year's crown jewel, found about a week earlier. It's an intact, hand-size carapace with a center spine, like a Prussian spiked helmet frozen in ancient rock. Another undescribed species, it seems to be related to the spaceships. Caron's team calls it the mothership. He's nervous just holding it. Burgess Shale fossils are so valuable that Parks Canada keeps the exact locations of Caron's sites secret, monitors them with cameras, and prosecutes fossil poachers.