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This electronic text summarizes the physical laws, mathematical methods, and computer algorithms that are used to predict the response of materials and structures to mechanical or thermal loading. Topics include: the mathematical descriptions of deformation and forces in solids; constitutive laws; analytical techniques and solutions to linear elastic and elastic-plastic boundary value problems; the use and theory of finite element analysis; fracture mechanics; and the theory of deformable rods, plates and shells. The text is intended for advanced undergraduate or graduate students, as well as practicing engineers and scientists.

It will be particularly useful to readers who wish to learn enough about solid mechanics to impress their teachers, colleagues, research advisors, or managers, but who would prefer not to study the subject in depth. A printed copy of the text has published by Taylor and Francis and is available from Amazon. For length reasons, and to minimize cost, the print version does not include the problem sets. The electronic web site will continue to be freely available. Home Contents Quick Navigation 1. Objectives and Applications 2. Governing Equations 2. Doblare, and A. Anisotropic micro-sphere-based finite elasticity applied to blood vessel modelling.

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Remarks on five equivalent forms of the fractional - order backward - difference. Export Citation.


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