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The word of the Lord, the truth of the gospel, the hope of Christ grew mightily and marched on! In Acts —38, Paul gathered the Ephesian elders to uplift them and direct them in the way of the Lord. He told them that he was headed to Jerusalem and was unsure the outcome. He reassured them, though, that his life had no value unless he finished the ministry God had given him: sharing the gospel.

He encouraged them to watch closely after their flocks or members of their churches, as he warned of wolves that would look to destroy the flock by speaking heresy-causing division. Lastly, he reminded them to help the weak and embrace generosity. On his way to Jerusalem, Paul stopped in Caesarea. Upon hearing this difficult prophecy, those with Paul pleaded with him to not go to Jerusalem. Paul was ready to go to prison, to die for the sake of his Savior Jesus.

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Paul was on a mission given to him by God, and nothing could stop him. Not prison. Not death. Paul was all in.

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He willingly gave his life to spread the good news of Jesus. Made popular by the very talented Christian singing artist, The Talley Trio, this great song is sure to touch the heart of many who hear it.

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This is a digitally delivered product. It is available in a number of different keys. Please use our sing-along Key Finder to get the key that best fits your vocal range. Keep in mind that the key listed is the key of the vocalist, the intro might be in a different key that is not listed. He became sin; now I am clean. The cross He carried bore my burden. The nails that held Him set me free. What love divine!


He gave His life for mine. He spilled His blood to fill my soul. His crown of thorns made me royalty. His sorrow gave me joy untold.