Guide How To Stay Motivated For Success

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For the majority of people, this is the hardest part. But it is a necessary step if your friends are negative or if they just don't inspire you.

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Method Three of Three: Staying Motivated. Make a timeline. Sit down and write out a timeline for your project or goal. This will help you to stay on track, and you can refer back to it when your motivation wanes. For example, if your goal is exercising, on your timeline state that you would like to be able to run a mile in one month. Then make a mini plan for how you will accomplish that goal between now and your one-month mark. Cutting up your goal into increments of time will help you stay focused and keep you from becoming overwhelmed.

Practice positive self-talk. Control your inner dialogue and practice positive self-talk. Don't give up. Stick with your goal by realizing that every process has an ebb and flow. Motivation is not a constant thing. There will be times when you are doing a great job of sticking to your timeline and your goals.

How to Get the Inspiration & Motivation for Success

However, other times, your motivation will wane, but know that this feeling is not a permanent, lasting feeling. Stick it out and wait for that motivation to come back. Read a book or a blog about your goal. When your motivation is low, read a book or a blog about your goal. For example, if your goal is to publish a book or a journal article, read a book about writing for journals and publishers.

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  • 1. It Increases Your Energy Levels?

These books have great tips for staying focused. Ask for support. You can also ask for support when having trouble sticking to your goal. Join an online forum, ask a friend, mentor, or a family member. Remember that talking it out will help you resolve the issue. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Be serious about your goal. Realize that motivation is not a constant thing; in your down time read a book or a blog about your goal. Use as many as senses while you are studying so you cannot be distracted easily. Related wikiHows. Co-Authored By:.

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DON'T WASTE TIME - Best Study Motivation for Success & Students (Most Eye Opening Video)

Realizing Your Goal. Inspiring Yourself. Staying Motivated. How do you motivate yourself to continue with a program that may take years to complete?

Do These 7 Things to Get (and Stay) Motivated

Experts all agree that time management is critical. The next thing you know, you'll have completed a big chunk, and that can help you get the momentum to keep going. Defining your priorities, perhaps in the form of a master calendar that documents all of your assignments and the due dates of each, can also help you create an achievable roadmap.

In that calendar, you can also block off time that you plan to read, post or study, she said. At times when you find yourself looking at your list of "to-dos" and are thinking, "I have no motivation," it can be helpful then to reflect on the big picture. Getting friends and family on your side is key to your success if you are an online student, particularly when chores and other responsibilities compete for your time. If you feel alone in your challenge, it can feel isolating, said Deb Polatcheck , an academic advisor to graduate students.

Having an accountability buddy can help you stay the course, whether that person is your partner, a fellow classmate, a friend pursuing a degree at another school or your advisor. Wiggett said students should seek accountability buddies who will hold them responsible for meeting their deadlines and help them find motivation when they need it most.

Know their limiting step.

Your academic advisor can serve as an accountability buddy if you don't have anyone in your circle who fits the description, Collins said. I tell them that when in doubt, reach out for support," she said. After you finish a final paper or a particularly challenging project, it's okay to blow off steam and treat yourself to a quick reward. It could be as simple as a walk, a phone call or a tasty treat.

2. It Makes You Happier

In the long term, it's helpful to document your small wins for those times you are wondering how to motivate yourself, Collins said. Some students tend to be perfectionists and forget to congratulate themselves for what Wiggett calls "mini-wins. Polatcheck tells students to keep those "A" papers handy to look at when they experience self-doubt. Your greatest achievements may well include setbacks along the way. These setbacks don't indicate failure but instead serve as challenges you learn to overcome.

It's important to develop resiliency and grit to keep going.

Polatcheck agrees that students need to keep their expectations realistic and to take feedback constructively to grow and learn. Whether you are just beginning your journey, or find yourself a few classes away from earning your degree, these motivational strategies can inspire you to stay positive and keep moving toward your goal.

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