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The Perfect Christmas Candy and A Strawberry Christmas Tree: Storybook Advent Calendar Singles

Follow the prompts to configure your viewer you may be required to download the Google Cardboard app. Follow the prompts to scan the QR code inside your viewer or use the QR code below. Parts Order Status. Find a Retailer. You searched for "imaginext castle" We found results. Products Frequently Asked Questions Battle Basics. Click Press the spacebar as many times as you can before the time runs out. Single Timing The pointer moves around in a circle.

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Sing-Along Music Maker - J Skipper - V Spririt Aang - J Impale Medium Cooldown Fierce horn attack which casues extra damage for a short time.

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Barbie Lamborghini - Swim and Splash Baby Pooh - H Servin' Surprise Pancake Breakfast - Y Doodle Pro Nick Jr. Go Diego Go - L Polly Pocket! How do I connect her? Infant To Toddler Rocker - H Annie - L KALI - N He-Man Animal Transport Assortment - Mickey's Beach Buggy - Y Phase 10 Twist Card Game - W Cleaving Claws. Cleaving Claws Passive Increases the hybrid's claw attack. Brute Force Camo - R Camper - V Pirate Tub Adventure - J Wooden Railway Rheneas - Y Doll - R Private - V Gift Pack - BFP Fire Nation Soldier - H Regenerate Passive Hybrid receives a health boost periodically.

My Scene Bag Assortment - B Flutterbye Deluxe Soft Gym - G Jurassic World! Barbie Jammin Jeep - H Hawk Copter - W Ariel and Sea Star - RAJ - N They will make a lovely gift. Finished Size: 18" x 10". Quilt measures 73" x 81". We are offering this as a project in our Christmas Club for July. Quilts and More That Span the Seasons. Includes a dozen spectacular quilts for Christmas, and most can be displayed year-round! Includes 4 additional holiday projects!!

This is a 6 month Block of the Month program, beginning end of June Also includes embroidery floss. Finished size: 57" x 70". Pattern also sold separately. Beautiful Quilts to Celebrate Christmas! Choose from 10 warm and welcoming projects for decorating or gift giving. Create pieced and appliqued projects that include motifs such as poinsettias and mistletoe. Quilt meausures 57" x 70". We are also offering this as a Block of the Month. Pattern size: 4" x 6". Includes pattern on Weavers Cloth and Instructions. Quilt measures 83" x 83" and uses Esprit De Noel fabrics by Moda. Set of 5" squares.

Set of 17 fat eighths. Set of 17 fat quarters. Trim a tree with ornaments fashioned from pre-cut shape blanks! Start on your machine and then finish by hand - a fun, portable project! These would also make great gifts!! Uses a fusible foam stabilizer called Bosal In-R-Form. Click HERE to go to this fusible.

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Also comes in a package of 12 - 6" squares. Need a pretty seasonal wreath, or an unusual table topper? Whip up this dimensional design in an afternoon! Finished size: 21" diameter.

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December features holly leaves and berries. For Evergreen will make a perfect gift for someone special or to decorate your home for the holidays. Make it scrappy, reversible or all in one fabric. Make it Christmas on one side and Fall fabrics on the other, which will give you two for the effort of one! Embellish with bells, buttons, miniature Christmas ornaments or swags. Let your imagination go and creatively decorate your tree. Metallic fabric. Frivols No. This is the tenth in a series of 12 Frivols, a new and exciting program!!

Also includes a bonus Frivol or Two Finished Size: 32" x 32". Finished size: 18". Fabric Banner pieces included with this pattern! Quilt measures 14" x 18". Gorgeous book filled with punchneedle, wool applique, quilting and so much more!! Twelve white snowflake flatback buttons in various shapes.

Create 6 and 8 point stars for decorating, gifts and just for fun! Finished size: 5", 7" and 11" options. This is a rotary-cutting project - there are no templates needed. Measures 64" x 64". Gold Eye Chenille Needles No. Feather Lite fusible is recommended for the applique. Measures 25" x 33". Tree Skirt measures 60" around. Cut with laser-cutting machine. This Jingle Pop bundle is used with the "Cutting Corners" pattern and class. Joy to the World Finished Size: Make this adorable winter runner to decorate your home for the holidays.

Kit includes pattern, fabric and wool needed to complete project. Cotton backing is also included. Table Runner measures Celebrate the holidays Scandinavian style with this stunning"Christmas in Scandinavia" applique quilt. The pattern booklet is laid out in sections by branch with embroidery stitch options and corresponding applique templates.

You can make it as shown in rich red and white wools or switch it up and use some quilting cotton and fusible. Measures 32" x 40". We also offer this as a KIT. Kit includes pattern, 2 yards of felted wool, ribbon, binding, 2 balls of Valdani 12 Perle Cotton and Chenille Needles! Catch the holiday spirit with simple and practical hand-embroidery projects starring St. Nick himself. These 24 whimsical projects are guaranteed to keep you in stitches! Enjoy easy-to-stitch projects that make delightful gifts and festive decorations.

Stitch charming holiday decor, including tea towels, pillows, pincushions, wall hangings, and more. Create custom projects by mixing and matching simple, classic Christmas embroidery motifs. Uses the Red Scandinavian toweling. Click HERE to go to this toweling. Finished size: 12" x 18". Cute small seasonal banner that can be hung on a 12" dowel or other display hanger. Adorable Christmas Kitty themed bowl fillers!! This is a 9 month Block of the Month program, beginning December Finished size: 42" x 42".

Quilt measures 42" x 42". There is a Thread KIT available for this project. Also offered as a Block of the Month. Kit inlcudes woolfelt, complete patterns, illustrated instructions, embroidery floss and gold string. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas! Several Christmas firsts mark the post-War era that include the first White House Christmas card , the first Christmas postage stamp, the first opera composed for television Amahl and the Night Visitors , the first Christmas Day basketball game, and the first Elvis Presley Christmas album.

The era saw the production and manufacture of toys that have become classics such as Candy Land , Mr. Potato Head , and Barbie. During the post-War years, Americans could select their Christmas trees from a variety of offerings. Natural trees had become the preferred choice in America when Christmas tree farms began supplying them to large metropolitan areas in the s. In , only one in five American families had a Christmas tree.

While America never lacked for real trees, the time and expense of retrieving them from the wild was significant. Early in the twentieth century, however, Christmas tree farms began supplying large metropolitan areas with real trees. In the s, real trees became commonplace, supplanting artificial trees in American homes. Artificial trees made of goose feathers were in use in American homes since the s. In the s, however, The Addis Brush Company, an American toilet bowl brush manufacturer, began making artificial trees of green-dyed bristles and then supplied the British who suffered a dearth of wild trees with thousands of artificial trees in the post-War years.

Americans took little interest in the Addis artificial trees and remained loyal to real trees. In , the Addis Brush Company patented an aluminum Christmas tree , the Silver Pine, that came with a floodlight and a rotating color wheel. The aluminum tree spectacle could be enhanced with a rotating Christmas tree stand. In the s, flocked Christmas trees in purple, gold, pink, and even black became popular.

The trees' branches were coated in a chemically-created, flame retardant substance resembling snow. Sophisticated style mavens suggested developing a new Christmas tree theme every year and buying color coordinated ornaments. Natural trees would return to favor in the s when country arts and crafts became popular. The post-War period saw changes in the production of Christmas tree ornaments. Shiny Brite and other ornament companies began mass-producing inexpensive glass ornaments. Bubble lights were introduced during the period, and inexpensive, lit-from-within tree toppers were another option for the tree.

Thomas & the Christmas Orange: Storybook Advent Calendar Singles

In the post-War years, translucent, molded plastic, electrified, lit-from-within tree toppers in the shape of angels and stars became popular. Although Santa Claus and other Christmas icons were introduced as electrified toppers, the star and the angel of the Victorian era remained the preferred motif. Glass spire ornaments were also popular as toppers. The first decorated water reservoir tree stands appeared on the American market in the s. NOMA launched the novelty lights on the Christmas market in when war shortages ended.

Bubble lights became hugely popular. Other companies followed with their own bubble light versions and other lighting novelties. In , Sylvania introduced fluorescent pastel lights. In , NOMA manufactured flashing lights. Fairy Lights were imported from Europe in and eventually morphed into the inexpensive mini-lights popular in the last decades of the 20th century.

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German glass ornaments were introduced to America by Frank Woolworth in the s but such ornaments were produced under labor-intensive conditions and were expensive, with few Americans being able to afford more than one or two ornaments per year. On the eve of World War II , however, American companies began manufacturing inexpensive, mass-produced ornaments that made it possible for almost any American to have an extensive collection of Christmas ornaments for little cost within moments.

With a few modifications, Corning Glass 's light bulb machine could spit out 2, blank glass ornaments a minute that were then bought by ornament companies to be decorated, packaged and sold by the dozen. Shatter-resistant and shatterproof ornaments are one adaptation, among many others, to make Christmas pet-friendly. Max Eckhardt's Shiny Brite company manufactured colorful glass ornaments in a variety of sizes and shapes through the era. Packed in boxes by the dozen or half dozen, glimpses of the ornaments could be caught through the cellophane windows of the boxes' covers. The reds and greens of the past were supplemented with turquoise, chartreuse, orange, purple, and other vibrant colors.

Glittery bands of mica decorated some balls while others were silk screened with seasonal motifs such as snowy scenes, sleigh rides, carolers, and poinsettias. Some balls featured silvery indents on their surfaces that reflected the surrounding light. In the early s, clear glass balls appeared decorated with bands of color or glittering sparkles. Molded plastic Santa Clauses, angels, snowmen, and other holiday icons were inexpensive, mass-produced, and readily available. McAdenville, North Carolina claims the distinction of being the first community to use outdoor Christmas lights. While the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has had "lights" since , the Rockefeller Tree did not have real electric lights until Strings of lights gradually began adorning mantles and doorways inside houses, and trimming the rafters, roof lines, and porch railings outside.

On Christmas Eve, President Calvin Coolidge lit the 2, red, white and green electric bulbs on the tree. In , President Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the tree moved from the Ellipse to the White House grounds, where it remained until when it was returned to the Ellipse. In , the lighting ceremony became a televised event, though not with widespread telecast.

From to , President Harry S. Truman signalled the lighting of the tree by remote control from his Independence, Missouri home, but in , he stayed at the White House for the lighting ceremony. In , the ceremony was widely telecast and President Dwight David Eisenhower 's address was radio broadcast through the Voice of America in thirty-four languages. In , businessmen in the Washington, D. The Pageant centered around the lighting of the Christmas tree, and included various elements such as a life-sized reproduction of the nativity scene.

Every year from to , a tree was cut and brought to the White House from a different US state and installed at the Ellipse. The ceremony of the tree lighting was then followed by Christmas presentations through the holiday season. Rituals surrounding Santa Claus such as department store visits to the "jolly old elf", [18] and letter writing to his North Pole workshop remained intact during the post-War era. In Cleveland, Ohio , a costumed character called Mr.

Jingeling entertained shoppers annually at Halle's Department Store during the season. The idea for the park originated in a story that Lake Placid businessman Julian Reiss told his daughter about a baby bear who visits Santa Claus's workshop at the North Pole. The park features tame deer, storybook characters, and similar attractions. Single day attendance at the park peaked at 14, on September 2, On December 16, , the U. The Nativity Pageant was introduced at the park in In , an advertisement encouraging children to call Santa Claus over a special telephone number was printed in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Colonel Harry Shoup was on duty on Christmas Eve and took many calls from children inquiring about Santa. He told his operators to give a current location for Santa Claus to any child who called in. Jingeling , the Keeper of the Keys to Santa's Workshop, was created in as a radio spokesman to promote the toys sold at Halle's Department Store in Cleveland, Ohio. Jingeling was immediately popular and became an annual fixture at Halle's where he prowled the seventh floor toy department entertaining shoppers. Keyes, a television producer and director, who remained with the role for many years.

In addition to his department store duties, Mr. Jingeling appeared on a local children's television program telling stories, singing songs, and reminding viewers to visit Halle's. There, Saint Nicholas is depicted not as the thin, somewhat forbidding, charity dispensing character of European lore but as a dimpled, "jolly old elf" whose stomach shakes like "a bowlful of jelly" when he laughs, and who enters a dwelling through the chimney with a pack of toys on his back. In the nineteenth century, Germany was the toy making capitol of the world, but high importation costs made German toys relatively expensive in America.

Toy costs were lowered when German toymakers began mass-producing toys under the direction of Frank Woolworth and shipping their products to Woolworth's warehouses for packaging and distribution. In the aftermath of the war, American couples were eager to settle down, have kids, and lavish the sumptuous Christmases they never had on their offspring. The post-War years saw the creation of toys that are still in production today and include Candy Land , Cootie , the hula hoop , Barbie , and Etch A Sketch.

Television cultivated the American Christmas toy extravaganza. Manufacturers sidestepped the parent in selling a toy and went directly to the child. President Eisenhower was an amateur artist and personally consulted with the head of Hallmark Cards on the project. Over the course of two terms, the Eisenhower White House issued 38 different cards and prints with many of them bearing the President's own artwork. The tradition was continued during the Kennedy years with Jacqueline Kennedy 's artwork featured on a card issued to raise funds for a national performing arts center.